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NEWTRY 0.4%~4% Adjustable Fertilizer Injector Water Powered Chemical Liquid Doser Dispenser 4.4~660.43 gallons/h Drip Irrigation Injector Dosing Pump for Industry Garden Hose Livestock (0.4% -4%)

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NEWTRY 0.4%~4% Adjustable Fertilizer Injector Water Powered Chemical Liquid Doser Dispenser 4.4~660.43 gallons/h Drip Irrigation Injector Dosing Pump for Industry Garden Hose Livestock (0.4% -4%) B0788HV3KW




  • [Important Parameters]-Percentage Range: 0.4 to 4% | Ratio Range: 1:250 to 1:25 | Flow: 0.09 to 11 GPM | Pressure: 2.9 to 87 PSI | Connection Size: 3/4" NPT
  • [Working Principle]-Water powered fertilizer injector, no electricity is needed. It uses volumetric proportioning, ensuring that the chemical mixture remains the same regardless of variations in pressure and flow. The water flow rate will be reduced when going through the fertilizer injector.
  • [Accurate & Effective]-Adopt reciprocating dynamic sealing technology, this dosing pump has higher accuracy. Unique cylinder block and piston motion area design ensures more uniform and effective mixing of liquid and medicine.
  • [Application]-Animal Health, food safety & sanitation, irrigation, metal processing, nutrient delivery system, printing, vehicle wash, water treatment, dilution solutions or other industries requiring a certain proportion of dilution.
  • [Attention]-The fertilizer injectors can only mix liquid but not gas. The pH of the solution should be in the range of 1-10. Each dosing pump will be tested with clean water before shipment. If the item you received is a little wet, please be assured that it does is a new product.

We have updated our instructions, it's full English now. We are so thankful for the customer' s advice so that we can make better.

Product Description
This is a water powered dosing device, powered by the water dosing, so When the water flow is small, it will not work properly. It is recommended to control the water pressure.
Application range: fertilizer and water irrigation, equipment maintenance, gardening flowers, livestock breeding, environmental protection,and water treatment, industrial hygiene, vehicle cleaning, food processing, printing industry, or other industries that need to be diluted.

Working Principle
1.The proportional pump takes the flowing pressure water as power, having small water pressure loss, without any other power facilities.
2.It uses water power of the proportional pump as engine which drives the piston and the connecting rod inside the proportional pump, sucks up the liquid additive directly and makes it dissolve in the water flow.
3.This device moves up and down in a cylinder. When pressing out the water, it uniformly sucks the additives loaded at the bottom of the container into the water flow through a tube.
4.Repeat the up-and-down motion until the effect is achieved that the additive is added to the flowing water evenly and constantly.

Proportional range: 0.4%·4%(1:25~1:250)
Flow range: 20~ 2500L/h
Working water pressure: 0.3~6bar( about 4.35~87 psi)
Inlet and outlet diameter: 25mm
Continuous work: >100T
Flow temperature: 4~30℃

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