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Legigo 3 Pack 16 Inch Hanging Basket Coco Liners Replacement, 100% Natural Round Coconut Coco Fiber Planter Basket Liners for Hanging Basket Flowers/Vegetables

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Legigo 3 Pack 16 Inch Hanging Basket Coco Liners Replacement, 100% Natural Round Coconut Coco Fiber Planter Basket Liners for Hanging Basket Flowers/Vegetables B09SDG3ZXG


Brand: Legigo

Color: 3pcs


  • 【Cocoa Replaceable Lining】3 packs of replaceable pads per pack. The high-quality and extra-thick replacement pad is perfect for you to put it in an iron hanging basket. Natural cocoa is great with any plant.
  • 【Perfect Size】Each cocoa lining is 16 inches in diameter and 7.5 inches in depth. This is a very popular size choice among growers. These coconut linings already have their own circular shape and can be placed in your hanging basket as long as you choose the right size.
  • 【Super Thick Cocoa Basket Liner】These plant basket liners are made of natural coconut fiber. The coconut fiber lining can keep the soil moist and promote plant growth by saving water and making the roots easy to take water. 100% natural coco fiber liner is safe for vegetables and flowers, requires less watering as thick hanging basket liner better retains moisture.
  • 【Scope of Application】Very suitable for planting radish green/ ivy/ snapdragon/ green leaf plants and other flower plants. Can be used for home gardening, garden parties, wedding decorations, balcony gardens, home furnishings, hotels, offices, garden nursery production, large shopping centers, green projects.
  • 【Simple and Convenient to Use】The thicker cocoa fiber and natural coconut shell layer contains a water-retaining lining. It is the savior of flowers, especially under the influence of sunlight and wind, it can also work perfectly in your hanging pot and retain moisture. You can also use them with various potted plants on the porch.

Details: Coco Liners offer the complement for any basket or planter. Made from renewable fibers and coated with natural latex, coco liners are biodegradable. Specification: Size:16 inches,you can also use scissors to cut to the right size for your basket Natural look/texture brings a beautiful look to your planting project. Durable liner is strong enough to hold the soil of your plant. Pre-molded for your conveniencePackage:3 pcs.Easy to use:1.Prepare coco liner.2.Put coco liner on basket.3.Fill the pot.4.Plant in the coco liner. Features: They can hold large amounts of water and release it slowly to allow the plant roots to better absorb water.These water-saving coconut linings also provide good drainage. They are also porous, allowing good ventilation.These liners are very absorbent, so if the gondola or planter is too dry, they absorb moisture quickly.

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