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Classy Casita 3-in-1 Garden Soil Tester- Three Way Plant Soil Test Kit to Measure Soil Moisture, pH-Value, and Sunlight, Indoor and Outdoor Measuring Tool for House, Garden, Lawn,& Farm, White.

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Classy Casita 3-in-1 Garden Soil Tester- Three Way Plant Soil Test Kit to Measure Soil Moisture, pH-Value, and Sunlight, Indoor and Outdoor Measuring Tool for House, Garden, Lawn,& Farm, White. B099XZKSJP


Brand: Classy Casita

Color: White


  • FOR YOUR PLANTING LIFESTYLE: Do you want to know the condition of the plants in your garden and house plant soil? Our soil tester is your excellent garden tool to know the three important aspects of your plant's care. This plant soil meter is your soil moisture meter solution that you can also use as a soil pH meter and a sunlight meter. With this, you'll get to know which live plants need your attention before any issues arise.
  • EXCELLENT 3-IN-1 SOIL METERS: With the three way meter for plants, you get help in making decisions that are great for your outdoor and indoor plant pots. The soil moisture meter tells you the amount of water you need for proper plant hydration. It is also essential to measure the soil pH using our moisture meter to ensure the health of your growing plants, seeds & bulbs. A sunlight meter for gardening will keep you informed if your plants are getting an adequate amount of light.
  • CLASSY CASITA DESIGN: Our soil ph tester is designed to be classy, aesthetic, and playful, so they can be worthy of showing off. We made sure that our 3-in-1 soil test kit can function for your plant care and also looks good to keep your gardening in style. With this, one can test the soil moisture, pH level, and sunlight while keeping your garden lovely. Great stocking stuffers and holiday gifts for plant lovers or gardener gifts!
  • WATERING METER COMPANION: Get rid of the hassle of growing your own plants both indoors and outdoors. Use this handy soil ph gauge and sunlight calculator to keep on top of your plants' daily needs. If you're new to growing plants, our soil probe and a free eBook will help with the needed plant care.
  • A PLANT LOVER'S DREAM: Classy Casita was created by a plant lover for plant lovers. It's easy to use and designed to test the necessary aspects for your indoor and outdoor plants, to avoid over-or under-watering. With this, you know you can grow the most beautiful and healthy plants around every time.

Details: The Classy Casita 3-in-1 Meter will test your plant soil for you. No more guessing and overwatering your plants, because with this meter you will always know when it's time. Plus, it's easy to use! Step 1: Insert the sensor probes into soil about 2-4 inches. Step 2: Adjust the switch to test and measure soil measure soil moisture, pH-value, or sunlight. Step 3: Remove probes from soil and wipe clean after each use. Step 4: Remove probe from soil and wipe clean after each use. Free eBook download directly to your inbox! Our How To Not Kill Your Plant eBook contains 19 pages of helpful ways to understand which of your favorite plants need watering. Plus some more tips to help you not kill your plants! Tip 1: Don’t just test the soil once, insert the probe a few times into different sections of your plant pot for accuracy. Tip 2: Never use this meter to test water, it may damage the sensor.

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