Herbal flower arrangements

Herbal flower arrangements

Posted by Deb Doubek on May 29th 2019

The simple things...

When most people think of herbs in flower arrangements, they typically think dried. We would like for you to think of herbs as much more than something that can be used for culinary purposes, in tea, or hung upside down and dried. Fresh herb foliage and flowers make an excellent addition to an indoor or outdoor floral bouquet and they smell great too! Here is a bouquet I just put together this morning:

Herbal Flower Arrangement

Using African Blue Basil in Flower Arrangements

While most herb growers are pinching back their basil to be sure to get the best basil production, we leave some go to full maturity so we can add basil stems to our fresh-cut flower bouquet. Other herbal foliage that looks great and smells fabulous is tri-color sage, garden sage, horehound, mint, variegated mint, and even lemon verbena.

People do not usually correlate herbs with great blossoms, but many herb flowers are great addition to flower arrangements. In addition to African Blue Basil, this bouquet consists of purple coneflower or Echinacea. Other herb blossoms that make great additions are Calendula, joe-pye weed, anise hyssop, bee balm, lavender, yarrow, catmint, and flowering chives.

Guest blog by Deb Doubek of Peterman Brook Herb Farm


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