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Sharkey's Fertilizer
Single Jar
Buy 2 Jars and SAVE $4
Our greenhouse customers kept asking
what the secret was to our huge hanging
baskets and flowers?


We developed our own fertilizer to get MAXIMUM
results from our flowers because as greenhouse
growers our name and reputation was on the line.

Do you want beautiful flowers this year?
Use our fertilizer and make the switch!

Your flowers will thank you,
and your neighbors will be jealous.
Be sure to fertilize AT
LEAST once a week for
maximum flowers!
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Point to Ponder...

If most greenhouse
professionals, who grow
millions of flowers a year don't
use the national store bought
brands...why would you?
United States only.                           Sorry, we do not ship internationally.
Flowers   Vegetables   House Plants
The absolute BEST all purpose plant food for:
Buy 4 Jars and SAVE $10
We ship FAST!
Buy 9 Jars and SAVE $36
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Beat Your Neighbor
Make the switch this year! We
ship right to your doorstep.
• 20-21-19 NPK
• Makes 96 gallons
• Grower Developed
Buy More & SAVE!
Be the envy on
your block!
Our fertilizer will give your
flowers the correct nutrients for
breath-taking results!
Super Concentrated!
6 times more powerful.
For wholesale or case orders please call.