Five herbs to plant this summer

Five herbs to plant this summer

Posted by Deb Doubek on May 4th 2019

If you could only have 5 herb plants this summer, which would you choose?

In our garden we would have the following herb plants if we could only choose 5:

1. My all time favorite is comfrey. I not only think it is beautiful but it drips bumble bees in the summer and is extremely useful in ointments and salves.

Comfrey Plant

2. Choice number two is red clover. It is fun to harvest and even more enjoyable to use in our herbal soaps.

Red Clover Buds

3. My third choice would be Rosemary. It frustrates me that I cannot seem to get it to over winter (these two made it just past Christmas) as I am a terrible house plant girl, but I could just about roll in it in the summer.

Rosemary Plant

4. Lemongrass is good for me in spring, summer, fall, and in the winter. Here is what my plant looks like today. It is great for stuffing chicken with on a warm wintry day.

Lemongrass Plant

5. Lavender such a versatile plant that I cannot imagine having it around. Also, I love to run my fingers over it on my way in and out of the garden.

Lavender Plant

Guest blog by Deb Doubek of Peterman Brook Herb Farm


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