200 Cell, 10pcs-Pack Thick Durable Flats Vegetable Fruit Seeds Seedling Plastic Plug Farmer Nursery Trays Roots Propagation

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200 Cell, 10pcs-Pack Thick Durable Flats Vegetable Fruit Seeds Seedling Plastic Plug Farmer Nursery Trays Roots Propagation B08Z3D9KMN


Brand: Nothers


  • Strong and Durable Seedling Trays, 200 Cells, each plug is sturdy and thick, with a drainage hole. 200 cell plug trays are built to last you many years of continued use, withstand different weather condition.
  • Outer Size is 21" x 10.8", 10 rows by 20 rows, each cell hole size: 0.9", Height is 1.57". Drainage hole will no only release over water water, but also make sprouted roots absorb more water through bottom holes.
  • Grow-Green Plug trays can be used for seed germination and plant propagation. They are widely used and optimum size for starting herbs, vegetables, Pepper and some flowers.
  • There are some small holes on top trays, the main purpose of these holes is for better air circulation, avoid the roots rotted when temperature high.
  • Seedling trays are made out of extra strength BPA free. Made from 100% recycled plastic Seed plug trays will not warp or break during useIt is suit for standard 1020 trays, just put it inside the 1020 trays no holes. Seeds will be starting growing fast.

Details: You will receive 10 packs 200 cell plugs seed trays, 2000 cell plugs in total. The sufficient quantity can meet your different needs of planting different plants, like vegetables, flowers, fruit, Herbs and so on. Ultra-Durable, High-Quality, BPA Free 200 Cell Tray (with drain holes). Made to last multiple seasons Trays are NOT flimsy or brittle. Seedling tray with material won't crack or break during transport Extra Strength Propagation 1020 Trays allow roots to grow through. Makes Great Germination Station Fits any standard 1020 Tray including GROW-GREEN Heavy Duty 1020 Trays. Efficently avoid transplant shock & root circulation. Offer the plant enough time to sprout and grow heathy. Bottom drain holes design: Avoid accumulate water and roots over saturating Thicker material: Easy clean up and reusable. Starting With: Soil/Rockwool/Vermiculite/Perlite and more. Besides, you also can share these seed plug trays with your friends, enjoying the fun of planting together. 20-Pack nursery trays bulk package will be avaiable by search ASIN: B09QFHPB71

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