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Planting Easter Lillies

Posted by Scott Sharkey on

Did you go out and buy an Easter Lily this year? Or maybe you received one as a gift for Easter and wondering what to do with it now that the holiday is over.You'll be happy to know that the Easter Lily is a perennial that can be planted outside once the ground can be worked in the spring.

Easter Lily care while it is in your home:

At home, keep your lily away from cold drafts or drying heat sources such as heating ducts. Bright, indirect light is best with daytime temperatures of 65° to 75° F. Water the plant when the soil feels dry to the touch, but do not over water. To prolong the life of the blossoms, remove the yellow anthers (pollen-bearing pods) found in the center of each flower. You may want to wear gloves when doing this because you will have yellow fingers. Be sure not to get any pollen on your clothes, it will stain.

Planting Outside:

Once your lily is done blooming, you may plant it outside, once the ground has warmed up enough to be worked. Choose a sunny area with well-drained soil. Set the top of the bulb six-inches below the soil surface. Cut off the old flowers, but leave the stem and leaves. Do not cut back the stem until it dies down in the fall, then cut it off at the soil surface. After the soil surface freezes in late fall, mulch the soil and do not remove the mulch until new growth begins in the spring.

Christmas Tree Care

So you are thinking about being Clark Griswold and cutting your own Christmas tree this year? Great idea (just don't forget the saw.) There is nothing like having a real Christmas tree in your home and no matter how life-like the artificial trees have become, they just don't have that fresh pine smell when you enter [...]

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The kink about Garden Hoses

Being a greenhouse grower I obviously spend a fair amount of time watering, depending on the season, my typical morning might consist of 3+ hours of watering. If the weather is hot with the sun blazing and the greenhouse temperatures climbing above 130 degrees, my watering job might start all over again and going right [...]

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Tomato Talk: Preventing Blossom End Rot

Every year we are asked about how to get rid of Blossom End Rot. This awful sounding name is describing the symptom of a calcium deficiency in many garden vegetables as they are forming fruit, the most common being tomatoes, but also can be found among peppers and eggplant. Blossom end rot is different than blight, which [...]

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Pruning Apple Trees

Winter certainly is not a time to be gardening here in the far north as we sip our morning coffee looking out at a 13 degree, cold blustery day, however, it is the time to start pruning apple trees. When winter is full on, that is the time that pruning should be done so that [...]

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Our 4 Generation Christmas Cactus

Basking in the sunlight of a south facing window at my in-law's home is an enormous Christmas cactus that is in bloom with beautiful pink blossoms this time of year. It is a special plant to our family because it belonged to my 70 year old father-in-law's grandmother, and has been passed down from one generation to the next. We only have [...]

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Poinsettia Care

It's that time of year when it's fun to decorate the home for the holidays. One of the most common blooming plants that is typical is of course the poinsettia. So pick out a nice poinsettia this year at your local greenhouse or florist and apply these simple tips for proper care: Light: Poinsettias need bright, [...]

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