Plant Tips for Surviving the Summer Heat

Plant Tips for Surviving the Summer Heat

Posted by Scott Sharkey on Jun 19th 2023

The heat of summer can really take a toll on your plants and flowers if not properly cared for. It always baffles me that someone would spend the money to buy a hanging basket, set it out in the blazing sun and then only water it a few times a week and expect to have beautiful flowers. Spoiler Alert: that doesn't work.

Caution: Truth Ahead

Plants get stressed, especially when they are subject to a constant cycle of too dry, too wet, too dry, etc. And it will show. Having a consistent pattern of proper care will give you success in caring for your flowers, even when the heat is on. Our own greenhouses can reach 135 degrees inside during a sunny day. The plants are just fine because I make sure that they are well cared for. The excuse that "my plants died in the heat" is null and void. They died from lack of care in the heat.

I've told this a million times to our greenhouse customers: "Your job is to give these flowers proper care to make it to tomorrow. You're not trying to water it for the month just like you don't go to a buffet and try to eat for the entire month." Plants are the same way. Give them just the care that they need for today. Tomorrow is a new day, with new care.

Here are a few quick reminders:

  • Water in the morning, not when you get home from work. It may be too late by the time you get home to reverse any damage to starving plants.
  • Water adequately for the day, check the weather and adjust your watering. Wind, low-humidity and heat all compound the needs for plant moisture.
  • Do not rely on rain to properly water a hanging basket or planter. Usually rain sheds right off and will not soak.
  • If you are leaving for an extended time (like the weekend to go camping, etc.) pull your baskets or planters into a garage and water them well before leaving. They will be much off inside than out in the elements with no care for days. They will go into a semi-dormant state and rest temporarily.

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