Using a Hose-End Sprayer - This Will Make Your Life WAY Easier

Using a Hose-End Sprayer - This Will Make Your Life WAY Easier

Posted by Scott Sharkey on Feb 15th 2023

One of the best tools that you will find, if you have a lot of plants and flowers to fertilize, is a hose-end sprayer. The weekly fertilizing process can be daunting and if you are mixing up our Beat Your Neighbor fertilizer and applying with the standard watering can, you may want to consider making the small investment and jumping up to a hose-end sprayer. You will thank us later for the time that is saved.

One of the hose-end sprayers that we have tested and really come to love is the Ortho Dial-N-Spray sprayer. We love that it has adjustable settings, so you can fine tune the output of fertilizer. It has 14 settings, so it can really be adjusted to just the right mixture. The fact that this sprayer can also be used to apply fungicide, weed killer and insecticide makes it a real bonus too. Just make sure to thorougly clean it out before going back to your weekly routine of Beat Your Neighbor fertilizer.

The Ortho Hose-End Sprayer can be found by clicking the picture below (also in our online store):

Ortho Hose-End Sprayer

Check out our How-To video on using this hose-end sprayer here:

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