Top 5 Reasons Super Petunias Are The Best!

Top 5 Reasons Super Petunias Are The Best!

Posted by Scott Sharkey on Oct 31st 2023

If you think that Super Petunias are solid performers, you are not alone. There is a reason (and we will give our top 5) of why they are the most popular flowers in the country. Let's take a look at why:

1: They Are Forgiving

Petunias are not only a great starter plant, but even for the seasoned pros. We love that they don't put up much of a fuss even when we may be a little lacking in their daily care. Yes, they may droop when not watered enough, but they will spring right back full of life within a few hours like nothing happened. Try that with a Calibrachoa (Million Bells) and you will have a dead hanging basket real fast.

2. Most Prolific Flower for the Money

The breeding for super petunias has come a long ways since the early 90's when they first started gaining popularity. Breeding the best habits over decades has given us a plant that has such enormous vigor that it is a real show stopper to see hanging baskets grow in excess of 6 feet in diameter. There just isn't anything to compare the size and vigor of a well grown super petunia container.

3. Can Handle All Sorts of Weather

We have personally experienced how super petunias can heal themselves from traumatic winds. Our giant hanging baskets once got shredded in a straight line wind and hail storm. The stems were cracked and we thought for sure our baskets were done for the summer. But, these plants healed themselves and went on to grow beautifully all summer.

4. Cold Hardy

Petunias can generally handle down to about 26 degrees before they will die off in the fall. When they have a slow descent from late summer to fall and those temperatures gradually get colder, the petunias will acclimate to very cold temps. However, you do have to watch the temps in early spring. Remember these petunias have been greenhouse grown and will need to be hardened off before putting them outside where they will experience cold nights. So in early spring, be cautious of the night temperatures and bring indoors or in a garage if it is going to be below 40 degrees.

5. Bug Resistant

Ever notice how sticky your hands are when handling or deadheading petunias? That's because they have a sticky coating that helps protect as a natural sticky trap, making potentially harmful bugs get stuck to the super petunias foliage. They are fairly bug resistant, but it is still a good idea to use a systemic insecticide as a protective barrier from the inside out when Rose Chafers and Japanese Beetles come out or an insecticidal soap when budworms are present.

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So if you are new to gardening or have been getting your fingers in the soil for decades, super petunias just keep getting better and more exciting every year with new colors, splashes and all sorts of new twists. Give them a try in your landscaping, you won't be disappointed.

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