Hummingbird Moth

Hummingbird Moth

Posted by Scott Sharkey on Aug 1st 2021

Have you had the privilege of witnessing the Hummingbird Moth? They are actually quite rare. You may have even been fooled thinking it was a hummingbird with the way that they dart around quickly, have similar colors and drink the same nectar from flowers, but looking more closely you can spot the differences.

Here are a few of the differences that will identify a moth:

1. Smaller - The hummingbird moth will be smaller than a hummingbird

2. Antennae - visible antennae on the moth

3. Transparent sections on wings (if it stops long enough that you could get a glimpse)

How to attract more Hummingbird Moths:

Plant lots of flowers of course! Their favorites are petunias, phlox, bee balm, butterfly bushes and verbena but if you have flowers that other butterflies and bees are visiting, they will enjoy them too. They go nuts over our big petunia hanging baskets and petunia trees.

Hummingbird Moths are amazing creatures and it is astounding how they can so closely resemble a bird that they are not related to. If you have the opportunity of watching them you should be able to get a lot closer than with a hummingbird, which are much more skittish. The moths seem to be more focused on the nectar than someone trying to catch a closer glimpse.

Although they will emerge in the spring, you are more likely to see them through the summer when they are most active. It is rare to see them, so if one or two visit your flowers be sure to pull out your camera and get evidence of this special treat.

A video of the visiting hummingbird moth is here:

More info available here:


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