Do You Need to Deadhead Petunias? You may be surprised at the answer.

Do You Need to Deadhead Petunias? You may be surprised at the answer.

Posted by Scott Sharkey on Jun 11th 2024

One of the most common questions we receive in our greenhouses every year is "Do I need to deadhead the trailing petunias?"

This is a legitimate question that sparks a debate going back for decades and older generations will argue that Yes you need to deadhead trailing petunias (Waves, Super Petunias and etc.) But is that advice true? Everyone wants to know because what we are really talking about here is time. If you plant super petunias or Waves, will you need to spend hours each week deadheading them?

Now let's get specific so that there is no confusion as to what petunias we are talking about. We are not talking about bedding plant petunias, you know, the ones that are in 4 packs that you plant in a window box. We are specifically going to address deadheading trailing petunias...the big brother version with the vigorous genetics. Super petunias and Wave petunias. And here is our professional opinion...No, you do not need to deadhead them.

We NEVER deadhead all the petunias in our own landscaping, hanging baskets and petunia trees that are all over our property. It would take us days each week to tackle that chore. They simply don't need it IF you are properly caring for them AND feeding them a good quality fertilizer like our Beat Your Neighbor fertilizer.

The fertilizer forces the the plants to re-bloom and pushes out a steady stream of fresh blossoms. Fertilize at least once a week and the nutrients will do the work for you making sure that the flowers keep coming.

We just simply spend zero hours a week deadheading all the super petunias in our yard...none, zilch. And we are happy for that. So next time a Debbie Downer tells you that if you plant petunias in your yard you will never be done with deadheading, inform them of the truth. You do not need to deadhead petunias when you are properly caring for them.

Please watch our video on this very topic below:

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