Add A Tropical Feel to Your House With Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees

Add A Tropical Feel to Your House With Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees

Posted by Jeffrey Douglas on Oct 1st 2020

Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees

Fiddle leaf figs, or fycus lyrata, are unique trees that are native to the tropical Cameroon in Africa. It belongs to the fig/mulberry family. Even though its natural environment is hot and humid, it can be raised indoors with the right conditions.

Fiddle Leaf Figs have huge, shiny, green leaves. Because of this, they frequently make quite a striking centerpiece to a room. It not only adds a luscious vibrance to a room, but it also helps to cycle new and fresh air into your home.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Care is not difficult with the right tools. Please see below for a short guide as well as further design tips.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Care

If they are kept indoors, fiddle leaf figs should be kept close to windows and have relatively direct sunlight. You will read some websites that suggest that exposing your fiddle leaf fig to too much sunlight will scorch it, but generally speaking, it needs all the sun it can get when it is indoors.

Press on the soil to determine when you need to re-water your fiddle leaf fig. Once the soil feels dry, it is time to water your fiddle leaf fig tree. You want to water until just a small amount of water starts draining through the drain holes at the bottom of your container.

You'll want to fertilize your fig tree during the growing season in and summer. Giving your fiddle leaf fig the appropriate nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium will allow it to continue to flourish and maintain healthy leaves.

Cleaning Your Fiddle Leaf Figs Leaves

From time to time, your fiddle leaf fig will lose its luster on its leaves. When you notice this, you will want to clean your leaves. Not only will this return the shine to your leaves, but it will also clean the stomata of your fiddle leaf figs.

You do not need any unique products to clean your fiddle leaf fig tree. Simply use water and a soft washcloth to gently clean both the top and the underside of your fig tree.

Do not buy any of the commercial products sold online to clean the leaves. These products often make the leaves look glossy by introducing some form of oil onto the leaves. However, long term, this will actually clog the stomata and cause your leaves to deteriorate.

Design Ideas

If you have a lot of modern furniture with gray tones, fiddle leaf figs can be a standout piece in your room. Its broad green leaves will help center the room and provide a nice amount of color.

You can also continuously prune the bottom of your fiddle leaf fig so that it is thin at the bottom and thick and bushy at the top. This will give it the illusion of looking longer vertically and may make your room feel more spacious than it is.

About the author: Jeffrey Douglas is a horticultural hobbyist that loves everything related to plants and gardening. He specializes in gardens and houseplants.

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